Our Guarantee


All registered kittens from Raggiedolz are in excellent health when they leave our care. They have a full medical from a licensed veterinarian. They leave my home dewormed, first & second vaccinations, microchipped.

Pet kittens maybe neutered/spayed prior to placement. If this is not possible each new buyer will be required to sign a contract to state that said kitten will be neutered/spayed by new owner by 7 months old.

Any kittens sold on the active register for breeding / show purposes will also come with their own contract as standard.

The dam and sire are free of known Ragdoll diseases HCM.

We give a 1 year guarantee from the date of kittens birth for known Ragdoll genetic defect, this must be verified by a licensed veterinarian and a copy sent to me for verification. In this case you can have a replacement healthy kitten of equal quality.

This 1 year guarantee does not include any general illness / virus that your kitten may contract. eg infections. These can occur like us at any time in their lifetime. We do recommend you either extend the free insurance cover to a lifetime policy or get one your choosing.

When your new baby gets home you are advised to get your own licensed veterinarian to examine him/her to confirm optimum health within 7 days of purchase.

All my kittens are registered with GCCF and or TICA and you will receive a registration card on active / non active with each kitten / cat.

We are also registered with tica if you are interested in a tica registered cat/kitten active or non active please contact us.

Every reputable breeder stands by their kittens and will always act in good faith.

The kitten will be healthy but they are babies and will eat or play with anything so great care is needed to ensure they are safe. I know of a kitten choking on toilet paper and yet another choking on food not cut up small enough.

No kitten or cat should  be allowed outside except perhaps on a harness and must be housed in safe clean environments, then you will have a lifetime of healthy love from your kitten.

Please contact immediately if there are any questions connected to the health of your kitten.